Saturday 19th July 2014 - Married for 2080 days

Wedding Party Profiles

Read our fun profiles of the bridesmaids and ushers, as well as some little-known facts about our families!

By the 19th of July Sarah and Lisa will be well versed on event management and possibly have a degree in psychology and people handling. They should consider adding counselling skills to their CV's now!

Sarah Barry
Sarah BarryChief bridesmaid is the bride's sister Sarah, who is her younger sister, Sarah is confident, cheerful and witty, loves a good laugh and a devil to create a good joke, very mindful of her duties to Ashley and Alasdair on their big day, Sarah has the hen party sorted, with the details of same a surprise for her big sis, they are very close and hang on each others words. They are truly devoted sisters, watch out Alasdair as Sarah will always be watching out for her big sis!!!
Lisa Nevin
Lisa NevinA blood relative!! first cousin on her mums side, although they grew up miles apart, school holidays were spent together. Lisa & Ashley have a very close bond together and who best to celebrate the biggest day in Ashley's life is Lisa. Lisa has also spent many hours in the organisation of Ashley's hen.

Grant, Vinny and Maurice play important roles on the run up to the big day. They have committed themselves to organise succesful stag and making sure Alasdair makes it over from Scotland in one piece!

Grant Mcintosh
Grant McintoshGrant has been a loyal friend to Alasdair over the years and both have been there for each through the good and the bad times. Grant was the perfect choice for Alasdair when choosing the bestman. He has the important task of organising the stag and distressing Alasdair on the run up to the big day!
Vinny Blair
Vinny BlairVinny is Alasdair's brother in law and is an important figure in his life. Vinny will keep high spirits among the groomsmen with his wit, cool, calm and collective personality.
Maurice Barry
Maurice BarryAshley's older brother and Alasdair get on like a house on fire from the day they met. Both having similar personalities and interests who better to have as a third member of the groom's party.