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Transport & Travel

For any oversea guests there is a vast array of travel options. You can now fly from Edinburgh airport to Waterford, which is half an hour drive from New Ross. However, it is a little more expensive. There are a number of guests flying into Dublin from Glasgow on the Friday afternoon, if there was a number of guests to fly in on the Friday afternoon I can perhaps organise a bus from the airport to New Ross. Guests will have to let us know so this can be done. There is a bus service from the airport to Wexford town but this is 30 minutes from New Ross and costs 30Euro return, It will be more cost effective for yourselves, if I put on a return bus, numbers depending.
If you have decided to drive from Scotland and use the ferry, please be mindful of tolls on the motorway on the M50. It is now barrier free and if not paid you will incur high charges. You can pay this toll at many filling stations.

If you require any assistance, please ask Ashley through the blog as soon as possible.

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